Arbor Day, Earth Day, and Giving Back with Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Fri, Apr 21, 2017 @ 08:04 AM


Between Earth Day (April 22) and Arbor Day (April 28), a lot of our focus will be drawn to protecting our planet this week - whether it be by planting a tree, carpooling to work, or switching to solar energy. (At PK, we installed solar panels to our office and warehouse space last summer.) In honor of these special holidays, here’s a few of our favorite eco-friendly vendors and promotional products 

Patagonia For Good
When we think eco-friendly, we think Patagonia. First organic cotton, then recycled materials, now Traceable Down- Patagonia covers all the bases for preservation and fair treatment of animals, plants, and humans alike. Some products from Patagonia we love: the Fisherman's Rolled Cap, the Better Sweater, and the Refugio pack -- all pictured below.

WBF16_29105_CUSO.jpg   WBS17_25522_BUFG.jpgWBS16_47911_DFTG.jpg

*PK is a member of 1% Percent for the Planet - a global movement started by Patagonia’s founder to support grassroots environmental organizations, through which we donate 1% of all our Patagonia sales to benefit the cause. 

Conserve Resources
It can be hard to find promotional products that are built from green materials on a budget, but that doesn't mean you can't choose products that help you be environmentally responsible every day! Here are a few ideas to save the planet in little ways with promo products from PK.

Brandable Plastic Tumblers with Straws: If you're anything like us, your iced coffee comes in a disposable plastic cup every morning (and afternoon!). In fact - over 150 million disposable plastic cups are used every day in the US. Reduce waste and get your brand in the hands of daily coffee drinkers with brandable tumblers, from a plain color plastic to this heavy duty RTIC. This same concept applies when switching out disposable water bottles for an insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle you can use again and again. 

Customizable Grocery Totes: Disposable plastic grocery bags cannot be recycled - and they take 15 to 1000 years to decompose organically. Luckily, a major switch to reusable grocery bags continues to grow. With your brand on a reusable tote, your logo goes with your audience not only to the grocery store, but anywhere they need to bring a quick carry bag. 

Solar Powered Phone Chargers: Our smartphones are essentially an extra vital organ - but one that needs to be recharged, probably more than once a day. Portable chargers come with us everywhere, providing ample opportunity for impressions for your brand. What better way to get your logo out there and preserve our planet than powering up phones via solar?

This year's Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery - so Go Green with promotional products from PK. If you want to play a role in making positive changes for our planet while also securing high-quality custom promotional apparel and products, contact PK to shop our exclusive Patagonia line and access great deals on eco-friendly products from other brands.

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2016 - A Record Year

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Fri, Dec 16, 2016 @ 09:12 AM

Year In Review4.jpg

In the words of Eric Church... 2016 was a Record Year for ParsonsKellogg. Thanks to the hard work of our employees and the great relationships we have with our clients and vendors, PK saw unprecedented growth in our 15th year in business. 

Below are some of this year's milestones, which we hope to share with you before 2016 comes to a close. 

  • ParsonsKellogg grew sales by over 30% in 2016! We also added a platinum client to our business - an insurance company with whom we're excited to work on contemporizing their brand. 
  • Nine new employees joined the ParsonsKellogg team this year - our largest team growth ever in a given year.
  • We got prepared for 2017... with our clients' best interests in mind. This year, we launched a formalized Pre-Booking progam (the first of its kind in the industry) that allows our customers to secure inventory for retail styles and colors not available in the typical corporate catalog, at great prices. 
  • 2016's projects got more creative than ever. Our client requests ranged from designing a NY Mets World Series 30th Anniversary Commemorative Jersey to creating updated custom webstores with contemporary branding and brand new products for some of our largest clients. 
  • This year, we teamed up with Patagonia and their environmental movement, One Percent for the Planet, to donate 1% of our annual Patagonia sales to grassroots organizations working in local communities to protect our air, water, and soil for future generations. In an effort to live the movement every day, we also transitioned our offices to solar power in 2016.
  • PK got handy... our employees spent time after work building a "bar and lounge" area of the PK showroom featuring local beers and an indoor driving range, drawing both clients and vendors in to our new office location. 
  • The family grew this year. The year began with a celebration welcoming Key Account Manager McLean Shanley's new baby. We then welcomed Director of Business Development Bryan McWilliams' son into the world - the same week we congratulated former PK employee Jack Marovelli on his engagement. What a July!
  • You might have noticed PK's look changed this past year. Our Marketing Team spent 2016 updating our brand, our website, and our content. Haven't seen how cool our website looks yet? Click here

In Rhode Island, we often celebrate the new year with a "polar plunge" - a sprint into the cold Atlantic Ocean, first thing New Year's Day. In that spirit, we're excited to hit 2017 running at PK. We hope you can join us as we plunge into the New Year!

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Patagonia Turns Black Friday Green

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Wed, Dec 7, 2016 @ 14:12 PM


Since the early 1950’s, Black Friday has been lauded as the biggest shopping day of the year and the start of the holiday shopping season. This year, Christmas came early for grassroots organizations working with Patagonia’s One Percent for the Planet. 

Patagonia announced their plan just before Thanksgiving to donate “100% of its global Black Friday sales to grassroots organizations working in local communities to protect our air, water, and soil for future generations.” With a $2 million sales projection, nobody foresaw what came next.

The company (and its loyal shoppers) shattered expectations – bringing in $10 million in sales that will go directly to small environmental groups that are typically “underfunded and under the radar.” According to Fortune Magazine, previous recipients of Patagonia’s environmental grants have included the Bronx River Alliance, the Alabama Environmental Council, and Breathe Utah.

Patagonia feels the fundraiser, which was inspired by the Presidential Election, drew in thousands of first-time Patagonia customers supporting the environmental movement.

ParsonsKellogg is proud to be part of the movement as a member of One Percent for the Planet, donating 1% of our annual Patagonia sales to support organizations that protect wild places and wildlife. We've also spent 2016 upgrading our office and warehouse to run on solar power so that we can live the movement every day. If you want to have a role in making positive changes for our planet while also securing high-quality custom promotional apparel and products, shop our exclusive Patagonia line today.


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ParsonsKellogg proudly joins Patagonia’s 1% For The Planet

Posted by Carol McCarthy on Fri, Aug 26, 2016 @ 09:08 AM


ParsonsKellogg is all about giving 110%—to its customers, to its vendors, to its employees and to its community. Now we have a way to give a meaningful percentage back to our planet, and you can be a part of this worldwide effort!

We are proud to announce that PK is now a member of One Percent for the Planet, a global movement of more than 1,200 companies in 48 countries who donate at least 1% of annual sales to environmental organizations committed to sustainability initiatives worldwide.

Joining this effort is a natural fit for us, as we have been committed to green initiatives in our corporate practices in our daily habits at our headquarters and in our efforts to sustainably source promotional products. And perhaps most importantly, we are fully committing ourselves to clean energy by switching our operations to solar power by the end of 2016.

In addition, PK has had a long and fruitful relationship with the premium outdoor brand Patagonia, whose founder, Yvon Chouinard, launched One Percent for the Planet in 2002 along with Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies. 

Based on our common values, PK has committed to donating 1% of the annual sales from our extensive line of Patagonia merchandise to this important environmental movement, which aims to save land, protect forests, rivers and oceans, make agricultural and energy production more sustainable and remove toxins from the environment.

If you want to have a role in making positive changes for our planet while also securing high-quality custom promotional apparel and products, you can join the movement today.

To learn more about One Percent for the Planet, please visit the website.

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The Early Bird Pre-Books Patagonia

Posted by Carol McCarthy on Tue, Jun 21, 2016 @ 10:06 AM


It’s no wonder the idiom “the early bird gets the worm” – first coined in the 17th century – remains widely known today. It is a good philosophy, suggesting that if you get busy at first light, or at the earliest opportunity, you will find success.

Partnering with ParsonsKellogg to pre-book custom corporate apparel from Patagonia puts that philosophy into action. Pre-booking rewards customers for acting early. And believe us, these rewards are way better than a worm!

Unsure of what pre-booking is and how it can benefit your company? Let us explain. Pre-booking allows ParsonsKellogg to secure inventory for retail styles and colors not available in the typical corporate catalog and to guarantee you those items at a great price. Essentially, pre-booking puts you ahead of the game and ahead of the competition by exercising your early buying power and reaping the rewards.

For example, Patagonia offers a palette of colors and styles in its Spring 2017 retail line that might work beautifully with your brand, but are unavailable in its corporate catalog. We saw these exciting styles and colors first-hand when we visited Patagonia’s headquarters in Ventura, Calif., earlier this month. By pre-booking through ParsonsKellogg, you gain access to the entire line, which means you can place your brand identity on this exciting apparel and make a splash in your industry.

Even with this wide selection and unbeatable prices, you are not locked in; your order can be modified at any time. And you need not commit to more apparel than you need. Patagonia allows you to pre-book as little as 10 units per style/color and choose a delivery date between January and June 2017.

Don’t wait to act or the pre-booking benefits will be long gone. Patagonia’s guaranteed inventory deadline is July 1. If you miss that deadline, you have until Aug. 1 to enjoy pre-booking benefits, but without the absolute inventory guarantee.

Whether you are new to pre-booking or already have enjoyed the benefits, rest assured that ParsonsKellogg has the expertise to take you through the experience with ease. We have been a trusted partner of Patagonia for many years and are a steward of its brand in the corporate marketplace. ParsonsKellogg and Patagonia share common values that make doing business together a pleasure for us and our customers.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of pre-booking with Patagonia. Contact ParsonsKellogg today and let a knowledgeable team member walk you through your options.

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Weekend Team Building Adventures with Patagonia

Posted by Carol McCarthy on Thu, Feb 25, 2016 @ 09:02 AM


Attention, weekend warriors! You know you start thinking about your next adventure before you fall asleep on Sunday night. There is no denying that adventure weekends with colleagues get you pumped up to take on new challenges, whether on a mountainside or in the office.

Or to put it another way: “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team,” Phil Jackson.

So forget the PowerPoint tutorial. Corporate team building is about testing your limits, feeling exhilarated and relying on each other to reach new heights in the mountains, on the trail, on the water or in the boardroom. To get the most of a team building adventure, you must have the best gear, and that’s where Patagonia comes in.

Take the Black Hole Duffel, for example. With its protective padded base, multiple large pockets and removal shoulder straps that let you haul it – and brand it – how you like, this Duffel is a real team player and a must-have for an adventure weekend. Or take your pick from any of Patagonia’s versatile packs: including the Half Mass, Yerba, Refugio and Arbor to up your game.


With Patagonia’s corporate promotional apparel, you get the highest-quality outdoor gear coupled with a sense of camaraderie and corporate team building. Patagonia’s mission virtually guarantees it: “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

Who could argue with that?

In fact, why not partner with that?

ParsonsKellogg can work with you to co-brand your company identity with Patagonia’s corporate promotional apparel, which can open doors and minds and add value to your brand. With Patagonia’s reputation for corporate social/environmental responsibility, you can’t afford NOT to “put your logo on it.”

Contact PK today to take your corporate adventure weekend to the next level. Friday’s coming fast.

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