Welcome Gifts for Entry-Level New Hires

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Fri, Mar 24, 2017 @ 09:03 AM

vvbyb.jpgIf you are one of the thousands of companies planning to hire entry-level new grads this year, you've got a lot to think about in the next few months:

  • In May, over 1.8 MILLION college students will graduate with a bachelor's degree. 
  • With a positive job market outlook, employers expect to hire more new grads in 2017 than 2016.
  • 64% of millenials care about perks and benefits, a close second to culture and values and a driving factor in their decisions to work for a specific company.

Why not kill two birds with one stone and pull culture and perks together with welcome gifts and experiences? We've come up with a few ideas from the promotional products world to make your new employees feel special this summer as they start their journeys into new careers. 

mpolobyb.jpgDressed for Success

One of our largest clients knows that starting a new job means buying a whole new professional wardrobe - that's why they tasked PK with outfitting their new hires for sales success. The company, which employs over 17,000 people, gives each new hire a budget to spend on their custom webstore (that PK manages) to choose company-branded apparel and accessories from premium brands. The store offers items like Nike Dri-Fit polos and Vineyard Vines oxford shirts, alongside other brands that look professional and boast quality - values that match our client's culture as well. What better way to say welcome to a new hire than to position them to succeed?

swisscase.jpgWork-Life Blend

Work from home hours are increasingly popular in the work world today. Since employees aren't in the office every day, why not remind them at home that they're still part of the team? Custom laptop bags like this one from Swiss Victorniox protect equipment and see daily use, while headphones, powerbanks, and travel gear go everywhere with remote workers. Not only will your employees feel more connected, but your brand will gain exposure at the coffee shops and on the trains where they're working. Don't have a work from home program? Portable, useful items and name-brand apparel are promotional products that travel well and make an impression to and from the office, and beyond. 


Companies are dreaming up more and more innovative ways to connect to employees through experience. Pandora has live, in-office concerts, Twitter has 24 hour catered meals, and DDB picks up their new hires in a hired Town Car day one, before giving them a welcome kit full of swag.

Experiences make the strongest impressions, and provide ample opportunities for logo impressions - and these days, you can put your logo on anything. From branded Fender guitars, to custom snowboards, to Maui Jim event welcome kits, we've worked with our clients on creative experiences and event prizes that inspire excitement about their brands.


All that said, a simple welcome gift - whether it be a Patagonia backpack, a Southern Tide sweater or a Moleskine notebook - is just enough to make a new hire feel like they're part of the team. Moreover, they'll appreciate the thought that goes into choosing quality brands. (Click here to view employee gifts we've come up with for employees of all durations.)

ParsonsKellogg provides exclusive access to promotional apparel and accessories premium sporting goods and lifestyle brands. Welcome your new hires with promotional products that make a killer first impression - contact PK!

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Brands to Look For at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Thu, Jan 19, 2017 @ 08:01 AM


Next week, golf’s top brands will set up shop in Orlando for the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show. As a top distributor of premium branded golf products, we’re excited to hear what’s new in the industry – and we’re sending three of our team members to do just that!

Golf sits at the core of ParsonsKellogg’s history; we are a Master Golf Supplier and work as the corporate execution arm for various high profile brands in the golf space, positioning us as the number one provider of golf, sporting goods, and premium brands in our industry. Each year at this event, our team explores new products and old favorites from leading golf equipment, apparel, and accessory brands so that we can outfit our clients with the best custom golf gear on the market.

IMG_5981-x2.jpgAlongside a full schedule of breakout sessions and perfect putt challenges, PK’s President, Director of Business Development, and Director of Sales will be spending time with many of our valued vendors at the event. We have been working with some of these brands for close to 15 years, building relationships that help us offer our clients exclusive access to customized golf products at competitive prices.

Our clients’ wish lists for promotional products include items such as golf shirts, golf balls, golf clubs, grips, gloves, and more from brands like TaylorMade, Peter Millar, Callaway, and Nike Golf. This year, we want to highlight two brands with which we've recently restructured our relationships to help us offer the latest in golf gear and best co-brand with corporate identities.
ParsonsKellogg has offered products from Titleist, the #1 ball in golf, since the beginning - from logoed ProV1 golf balls to fully customized golf bag programs. A highly respected, popular brand among pros, Titleist golf balls are some of the top-played balls on the PGA tour, and they dominate the market for logo-decorated golf balls in the US. With a broad mix of styles to fit all skill levels, Titliest balls are a great way to help golfers (and brands) go the distance on the course. PK customers love Titleist as a high-end, high-performance outlet for building their brands -  a staple of corporate gifts and promotional giving.

Footjoy might have the #1 shoe and glove in golf, but we also know them as one of the top golf apparel brands in our portfolio. With Spring/Summer lines like the bright Amelia Island Collection and standard apparel Essentials paired with their custom MyJoy shoes, PK effortlessly matches Footjoy gear with brands who want exposure on the green.

lisle space dyed-x2.jpgPK clients already have exclusive access to Footjoy apparel and accessories as part of our Pre-Booking program. More exciting updates are afoot for the PK/Footjoy relationship in 2017 that will make visualizing your brand on Footjoy apparel even easier. (Subscribe to stay in the know as PK makes logoed apparel more accessible this year!)

Co-branding with premium golf brands like Titleist, Footjoy, and others helps to elevate your own brand, extend your recognition to the golf course, and associate your name with respected, reliable classics. Schedule a call with PK to explore the best in golf promotional products today.

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Wrap up your holiday shopping with corporate gifts from ParsonsKellogg

Posted by Carol McCarthy on Tue, Nov 1, 2016 @ 13:11 PM


Tick tock, tick tock. That’s the sound of time slipping away as the holiday shopping season closes in. Maybe you can get away with random gift cards and tacky sweaters for your in-laws, but when it comes to corporate gift giving, you need to choose wisely.

ParsonsKellogg can make shopping for clients, employees, vendors and executives easy and rewarding. Really. To begin, check out our 2016 Holiday Lookbook and browse apparel, accessories, office must-haves and lifestyle items from among the top brands in the marketplace. We can customize all gifts on your wish list to deliver meaningful co-branding of your corporate identity.

Here are just some of the premium goods you can choose:

  • Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket — The weather outside might be ugly but your valued team members and customers will look good and feel great in this packable, breathable and waterproof jacket from one of the premium active lifestyle brands.
  • Vineyard Vines Women’s Shep Shirt — You can never go wrong when you shop the classics like this versatile pullover that goes well with jeans or khakis all weekend or on Casual Fridays.
  • Wenger Alexa 16 Backpack — This truly is the future of backpacks. Its elegant shape and padded straps combine form and function, and it is big enough to hold a tablet and large laptop. You also can attach it to your luggage’s telescope handle for ease of travel during the holidays and anytime.
  • Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag —If the holidays are upon us, then golf season can’t be far behind. This standing bag weighs under 5 lbs. but offers the features of a much larger piece. Walk the course comfortably every time.
  • Growl Vacuum Keg Growler —The holiday season is party season. Be the life of the party with a stainless steel growler that keeps beer frosty for more than a day.
These are just some of the items ParsonsKellogg offers. We can accommodate a broad range of tastes, needs and budgets, from high-tech to old school and everything in between. And if you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask.

So make that list, check it twice and contact ParsonsKellogg today.

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2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Evan Hanson on Thu, Nov 5, 2015 @ 10:11 AM

Holiday gift giving can be a minefield of missteps, a stress-filled slog through websites and stores. But when ParsonsKellogg does the shopping, it doesn’t have to be!

PK puts the joy back into corporate gift giving with its annual holiday gift guide. We offer an exquisite selection of high-quality items at a variety of price points to meet your needs. Everything from tech gadgets to luggage to clothing and accessories can be customized to convey your corporate brand in styles that customers, vendors, employees and executives will embrace.

Click here to view the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide from PK. 


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Staff Holiday Gift Picks: On-The-Go Options

Posted by Meghan White on Wed, Nov 5, 2014 @ 10:11 AM

As we get closer to the Holiday season, our team is sharing their favorite holiday gift picks throughout the month. Whether you're looking for the perfect corporate gift for clients or a holiday gift thanking your employees for their hard work, our team has hand picked their favorites that they use and love on a daily basis. 

Kaley's Pick

Contigo Kangaroo Water Bottle

kangaroowaterbottleThe 24 oz. Kangaroo water bottle features a built-in compartment, a flip-up handle that clips to bags and a wide opening to fit ice cubes. This BPA-free, dishwasher safe water bottle also features a one-touch autoseal lid that automatically seals between sips to eliminate spills and leaks. No spouts to open or lids to remove, you simply press to sip and release to automatically seal. 

You can get your Kangaroo Water Bottle in a number of colors including: black, clear, red, orange, lime green, blue, and pink. 

What Kaley Says...

“This water bottle is super functional and sure to get noticed wherever it goes. The built-in storage compartment is perfect for stashing money and cards while you’re at the gym or out and about, and the fun colors match anyone’s style!”

Your price: $13 each* 


Garrett's Pick

On-the-Go Car Charger

car chargerThis on-the-go USB Car Charger fits standard USB cords. It's compatible with most standard cigarette lighter ports and features an LED power indicator along with overload and short circuit prevention. Cords however, are not included. 

What Garrett says

“This is one of the most useful items I own. I spend a lot of time in the car, and it’s always nice to have a travel charger for the days when I forgot to plug my phone in the night before. This item is perfect for anyone who travels by car, and it makes a great stocking stuffer.”

Your Price: $1.30 each* 

*Items may have minimum order quantities and price does not include the set up charge for color imprints

 2014 gift guide - blog

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Branded Stylus Pens Make Great Corporate Gifts

Posted by Kaley Benson on Wed, Apr 16, 2014 @ 09:04 AM

stylus penWhile iPads and other types of tablets are fantastic products that have revolutionized the way we work (and play!), they aren't always user friendlyl when it commes to quickly jotting down a note, marking up a document, or drawing something (think virtual whiteboard). Swiping, scrolling, and tapping get you only so far before you need a tool that can mimic the effects of a pen, pencil or magic marker. The stylus, a pen-like gadget with origins rooting as far back as the late ’50s, is a great way to solve this problem.

The technology that stylus pens are based on has evolved quite a bit since they were first created, and most of what you'll find on the market today comes complete with such innovative features as pressure-sensitive tips, magnetized bodies, conductive brush heads and wireless, Bluetooth functionality. The new genereation of stylus is sleek, useful, and relatively affordable, making it the perfect item on which to put your brand!

Branded stylus pens make great corporate gifts and tradeshow giveaways. They are also the perfect item to supply to your mobile sales team. Think about it - every time a sales rep pulls out their ipad, the stylus pen is a showcase for your logo and another way to keep your brand top of mind. 

One of our favorite brandable stylus pens is the Luxe Bravado Ballpoint Stylus from Leeds. It doubles as a pen AND a stylus and features a soft rubber tip integrated into the end cap of pen that eliminates fingerprints and smudges on your device. This particular stylus is compatible with any capacitive touchscreen device and is a great example of how elegant a stylus can be! Prices for the Luxe Bravado start at $8.98 per piece (and this includes decoration). Have your logo laser etched onto it, or personalize the stylus with the name or initials of your recipient. Either way, this would make a thoughtful gift that is certain to be used regularly by whoever is lucky enough to receive it.

Give us a call if you're interested in putting your brand or logo on a stylus. Our sales team can provide you with pricing and lead times, and explore options for decorating.

pre-book ebook

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Trends In Corporate Gift Giving

Posted by Tom Kellogg on Thu, Nov 21, 2013 @ 19:11 PM

Corporate holiday giftsAccording to the latest ASI Holiday Business Gift Survey, employees want more gifts rather than parties this holiday season. At the same time, companies are spending more on gifts, both for their own employees and clients.

What Is the Scope of Corporate Gift Giving Budget Increase?

As the recession wanes, corporations are spending more and are also choosing pricier corporate gifts compared to previous years. For example, average spending per employee gift has gone up from $42 to $45 since the last holiday season. The increase is even more evident when it comes to client and prospective client gifts, with an average cost of about $34, up from $26 a year ago.

According to Incentive’s 2013 Gift IQ Survey, the number of respondents willing to spend $50 to $299 on corporate gifts now stands at 49.9 percent, up from 34.5 percent last year. This is a big change and it proves there’s a market for higher quality corporate gifts. At the same time, the number of respondents spending less than $50 has gone down to 45 percent. Nearly 5 percent of respondents said that they are planning to spend upwards of $299 on corporate gifts, and 2.3 percent will spend more than $1,000. These big spenders will have plenty to choose from this holiday season, from fine watches and accessories to new consumer electronics that can also help boost productivity.

As Corporate Gift Budget Increases, Gift Giving Trends Change

The corporate gift-giving season is just weeks away, and there are a number of new trends worth considering if you are still trying to decide what to give your employees or clients this holiday season:

  • Gift cards are still the most popular gifts for employees and clients alike. However, food, beverages, apparel, and accessories are worth considering, as well. Electronic gadgets are overtaking writing instruments in popularity.
  • Promotional gifts are also an opportunity to grow brands and surveys indicate they complement ad campaigns quite effectively. When you put your brand on a gift, it means the recipient will be reminded of it every time they see or use the item. There are plenty of ways to keep your branding subtle, from tonal embroidery to debossed logos on leather produts, and a good promotional products consultant can help you acheive the right effect.
  • Tiered giving is becoming more popular. If you are planning to give gifts to all of your employees and/or clients, you may not want to treat them all equally. For example, it may make sense to give your top clients a gift of higher value and then give the rest a more budget-friendly item. This kind of tiered giving structure not only makes economic sense, it provides you an opportunity to select gifts that will resonate more strongly with each segment of your audience.

With the average corporate gift getting more expensive, there is more competition amongst corporate gift givers to find the latest, hottest, greatest products that will wow their list of recipients. This is where having an experienced promotional products consultant is critical. Here at parsonsKellogg, we dedicate a lot of time to researching trends, knowing when new products are introduced, and building strong relationships with suppliers so that we have access to new product launches early. While time is running out to order your 2013 holiday gifts, its not too late - yet. Give us a call and we'll help find the right item that can be delivered in time for this holiday season!

Download the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

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